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22 Sept 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Present: D. Fowler (Chairman), R. Clamp (Secretary), J. Hammond (Treasurer), D. & T. Adair, J. Allen, A. Bell, J. & C. Bigley, L. Bourne, L. & I. Bradley, M. Brotherston, M. Brothwell, M. & H. Caton, A. & R. Clamp, J. Damarell, B. & D. Emmanuelli, G. Evans (Area Secretary), G. Greensides (Area Chairman), M. & S. Heath, B. Lewis, P. Lockey, S.J. & S. Merry, D. Poole, J. & T. Ratcliffe, A. Rushton, H. & I. Swift, P. Till, E. & K. Twigge, R. Willis, B. Wood, L. & D. Wynne

Apologies: J. & L. Berrington, S. Fogden, J. & K. Lane, M. Smith, L. Walklett

Minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as a true record.
A presentation was made to J. Hammond in recognition of his long service (45 years)


Chairman – D. Fowler welcomed G. Greenside (Area Chairman) and G. Evans (Area Secretary) to the meeting. He thanked committee members individually for their work and confirmed he would vacate his post.

Vice-Chairman –H. Caton expressed the wish that the group continue to flourish.

Secretary – R. Clamp re-iterated the Chairman’s report and hoped that the vacant posts would be filled, but for shorter terms. He thanked everyone for their support over the years, particularly Anne.

Treasurer – J. Hammond referred the meeting to the balance sheet which showed inflated figures due to the Tenby holiday receipts and payments. Current assets stand at £865-73.

Membership/Publicity – I. Bradley - membership stands at 333 against last year’s figure of 346. We have had 23 new members this years against 15 last year. We have no way of pinpointing what attracted the new members. A stand at Newcastle market drew good attention from the public and recruitment leaflets have been distributed in libraries, surgeries and pubs. Approaches to local radio and papers have had little success. The Walkabout Britain campaign got some national publicity.

Footpath Secretary – A. Bell has been busy working with the Werrington Depot and Stone group. The secateurs walk was not well attended, only 7, but good work was achieved.

Countryside Officer – D. Fowler advised that Staffs Moorland DC have sadly lost the fight to stop the Moneystone leisure park going ahead.

Programme Secretaries
Full days – T. Ratcliffe reported good walks, good company and good pubs. He thanked all the leaders and confirmed that the new car-sharing/meeting arrangements were working well.
Half days – S.J. Merry reported another varied programme of walks with new members becoming regular walkers. We have had the occasional summer visitors from other groups but sadly we have lost a couple more of our regular leaders. Susan confirmed she will standing down from her role and has been unable to recruit a replacement. She thanked all those who volunteered to lead walks and ended by advising that the “Eggheads” team she captained, “Rambling Away”, would be making their appearance on BBC TV on 27 September at 6.00pm. This was a wonderful experience for the team.
Mid-week – D. Adair - numbers on Thursday walks have increased whilst Wednesday’s number vary. The new programme is almost full.
Evenings – L. Wynne - Attendance has been very poor so these will be discontinued.
Programme Co-ordinator – A. Clamp thanked the programme secretaries and confirmed that programme distribution had been prompt.
Webmaster – The web site has been kept updated with walks and provides on-line publicity for the Group.

Two resolutions have been put forward which will be dealt with after the election of officers.


Chairman: Tony Adair
Vice-Chairman; Howard Caton
Secretary: Susan & Stephen Merry
Treasurer John Hammond
Membership/Publicity: Ian Bradley
Footpath Secretary: Alan Bell
Countryside Officer: Dave Fowler
Programme Co-ordinator: Anne Clamp
Webmaster: Charlie Bigley
Programme Secretaries: Ken Twigge (full days)
Maggie & Howard Caton (half days)
Doreen Adair (mid week)
Social Secretary: Brian Wood
Minutes Secretary: Doreen Poole
Independent Examiner: Richard Davies

The officers were proposed, seconded and elected.

Richard Clamp, Lynn & Dave Wynne to remain as committee members.


(1) Resolution One “This meeting resolves that, effective as soon as practicable, the Webmaster replaces the existing site with the recently developed site (currently located at the URL” Proposed by J. Damarell, seconded by D. Emmanuelli. This resolution was unanimously carried.

(2) Resolution Two “In order to promote transparency of proceedings, and to encourage the membership of the Group at large to take an interest in and to participate in the running of the Group, this meeting resolves that full use be made of the new web-site to publicise details of the Group’s meetings. In particular:
1. For every committee meeting and general meeting, the agenda and any reports to be considered at the meeting, shall be published on the web-site as soon as is practicable before the meeting.
2. The draft minutes for any such meeting shall be published on the web-site as soon as possible after the meeting, clearly marked as “draft.”
3. As and when the said minutes have been ratified as a true record, the web-site be updated to reflect that fact.” Proposed by C. Bigley, seconded by M. Caton.

An amendment to this resolution – to put the minutes within the members’ area (ie a log in required) was proposed by Peter Till, Seconded by A. Clamp.

G. Evans informed the meeting that minutes are readily available on the Head Office web-site. G. Greensides advised that he would be unhappy if “draft” minutes appeared on our web-site as mistakes can occur. (He believes that the minutes on the Head Office site are “sanitised”)
C. Bigley declared he was happy to delete clause 2 from the resolution.

Votes for amended resolution (without clause 2) 25 for, 8 abstentions – Resolution carried.

(The decision as to where the minutes will sit on the web-site was deferred until the next committee meeting.)

(3) Venue for meetings – A. Bell had been to the White Star in Stoke and secured a free room (however not available on Thursdays) Decision on venue to deferred until the next committee meeting.

(4) C. Bigley suggested we consider the use of a commercial web-site to promote our group. “Meet up” would cost £40 per year. D. Adair proposed we take up this web-site. J. Bigley seconded the proposition. Motion carried.

(5) B. Wood presented the outgoing Chairman and Secretary with gifts from the members.

Meeting ended at 9.25 p.m.

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If any members make a booking with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, they can nominate our club to receive a small commission on the holiday cost. Recently received:

  • 21/04/16 - 20/10/16 £70
  • 21/10/17 - 20/04/16 £100
  • 21/04/17 - 21/10/17  £80

These funds are given with no strings attached, and can be used entirely at the discretion of the Committee.

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