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Minutes 12 May 16

Present:    I. Bradley, H. & M. Caton, A. & R. Clamp, D. Fowler, J. Hammond,  S. Merry,  T. Radcliffe, L. & D. Wynne, D. Martin (group member)

Apologies:    D. Adair, A. Bell, B. Wood

 1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.  
2. Matters Arising
Item 4 – Memorial Plaque. H. Caton advised that the post is now available and ready to put in place. Item 6 – key fobs.  A. Clamp to retain the monies until all have been sold.
3. Area Council report (31/03/16)
No one able to attend.
4. General Council Report (Richard Clamp)
R. Clamp has received the full report but in future suggested that we ask for a short précis of events. This will be raised at the next Area meeting.
5. 13th July Social Evening (Richard Clamp)
Richard asked if he could provide food at this event. A budget of £50.00 maximum was agreed. (D. Martin offered to do a quiz night at a later date.)
6.     Tenby Holiday Update (Dave Martin)
There has been a cancellation (Shelagh Nicholson due to medical grounds.) She was sharing a room with J. Henderson who does not wish to share with anyone else. J. Hammond asked what to tell Shelagh - she has been in contact with him for a refund. Dave proposes to give his single room to John and share with someone from Biddulph group who is keen to come on the holiday. This should solve the problem.
7.    Keswick Weekend Away Update (Susan Merry)
Details are in the new programme. She has visited Keswick and it has mostly recovered from the flooding. An email has been sent out with the menu for the Skiddaw hotel.
8.    Christmas Ramble/Lunch & Boxing Day + Event
The pub chosen for the Christmas Ramble/Lunch is up for sale. Anne to contact Mavis Heath to see if there is an update. No one has volunteered for the Boxing Day + event. Richard suggested the Fitzherbert Arms at Swynnerton. M. Caton to ask for volunteers on the forthcoming walk on Sunday. D. Fowler suggested Paul Lockey as a possible organiser and will approach him.
9.    Reports from Officers
Secretary – Nothing to report.
Treasurer – Balance £16,288-00. Without the Tenby holiday monies the balance stands at £900‑00. Incomings:- £60-00 from walking partnership and 2 group subsidies £390-00 each. Outgoings:- Newcastle Instant Print £195-00 for the programmes, £50-00 to A. Clamp for programme preparation and £20-00 for the hire of the room at B.B.C.
Membership/Publicity – As at 1st May 338 members. (1st May 2015 also 338 members). We have had 9 new members since the last meeting which suggests that new members are keeping pace with those who leave. Ian advised that there is another recruitment stall in Newcastle on 30th May and in November at the Kidsgrove Victorian Fair. It was decided against a further stall at Trentham due to the cost. Anne advised that a lapsed member was on the Wednesday walk. It was proposed by H. Caton and seconded by D. Wynne that after a maximum of 3 walks non-members would be expected to join the R.A. or stop coming on walks. The motion was carried. This will give leaders the authority to turn non-members away. However, it is difficult if leaders do not realise there is a non-member out. Should membership cards be asked for?
Countryside – Churnet Valley/Moneystone Leisure Park. D. Fowler reported that the appeal against the decision has gone to the Inspector and there will be a public enquiry, possibly in Leek. He will keep us informed as footpaths will be affected if the appeal wins.  Wind turbines/solar panels. The Government subsidy has been removed so new ones will be off-shore. The RA does not seem to have a policy on these issues.
Footpath – Nothing to report.
Programme Secretaries –Mid week –  D.Fowler - walks going well. D. Martin - good turnouts for his walks. Half days – S. Merry – well attended walks with potential new members and visitors from other groups. Full Days  – T. Ratcliffe – figure of eight walk successful although no-one from half day walks completed the afternoon section of the walk. Evenings – L. Wynne –  Probably due to the weather, no-one turned up. D. Martin reported that the coach ramble had been cancelled due to lack of support.
Programme Co-ordinator/Webmaster – The new programmes are now out.
Grading of walks (item 8 from previous minutes) Anne requested clarification of this item. In future, walks secretaries to request mileage of walks which will be included in the programme together with gradient details. This will be reflected on the web-site. D. Martin suggested that the programme be separated from the web-site, we need to move with the times.  Perhaps we could start producing a newsletter. Anne has received positive feedback and new members have come from looking at the web-site. Ian suggested putting a flyer in the next programme to ask members if they would like to lead a walk or organise a social event giving e-mail address. However it was felt that requests for personal data should come from Head Office – we get a monthly download which includes email addresses but not many members are willing to give out this information.
10.     Any Other Business
Meeting closed at 9.15 pm

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