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Thursday 22nd, 9am at Jackson's Brickworks car park, Pool House Road, Middlewood Lat/Lng 53.3562,-2.08034 [SJ948844], Poynton Circular, 9mi/14.5km, Contact Programme Coordinator

Thursday 22nd, Thurs Medium, 7.5mi/12.1km, Contact

Thursday 22nd, 10am at Fee paying Car Park near Chatsworth Garden Centre at Calton Lees [SK258685], Chatsworth, 8mi/12.9km, Leader Hilary 01629 581164

Thursday 22nd, 10:05am at Madeley Centre [SJ772450], 10:15am at Madeley Centre [SJ772450], Wrinehill, Betley & Balterley, 11mi/17.7km, Leader John 07891 285887


Thursday 8th, 10am at Free Car Park next to public toilets in Alstonefield [SK130556], Alstonefield, 8.7mi/14km, Leader Anne 01629 650054

Thursday 8th, 10:05am at Milford Common Car Park [SJ873211], 10:15am at Milford Common Car Park [SJ873211], Tar Hill, 8.5mi/13.7km, Leader Malcolm 01782 628128

Thursday 15th, 10am at Lay by on Leashaw road at Wakebridge [SK340553], Holloway, 8mi/12.9km, Leader Graham 01773 827713

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Local walks (printable)

This report extracts any walks for the following groups from the national Walksfinder database:
CH01:East Cheshire, CH03:South Cheshire, DE04:Derbyshire Dales, MC50:Cheshire Walkers, NS01: East Staffordshire, NS02:Stone, NS03:Stoke/Newcastle, NS11:Leek, NS12:Biddulph, SS03:Market Drayton

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If any members make a booking with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, they can nominate our club to receive a small commission on the holiday cost. In the 2015/2016 we received £120. This grant is given with no strings attached, and can be used entirely at the discretion of the Committee.

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