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Wednesday 21st, Wed Pub, 4.5mi/7.2km, Contact

Wednesday 21st, 10am at Brookside CP, off Dalebrook, Winshill, Burton [SK267238], Towards Newton Solney, 5.5mi/8.9km, Leader Alan & Bob 01283 569761

Wednesday 21st, 10am at Layby south of Chunal on A624 Hayfield to Glossop road by the Old Grouse Inn (now closed). Lat/Lng 53.4141,-1.95113 [SK033908], Chunal Circular, 9mi/14.5km, Contact Programme Coordinator

Wednesday 21st, 10am at Ellastone Village Hall [SK116434], Ellastone, 10mi/16.1km, Leader Duncan 01538 751546

Wednesday 21st, 10am at Common Lane [SK344735], Cutthorpe, 10mi/16.1km, Leader Jennifer 01433 631446

Wednesday 21st, 10am at Waterside Retail Car Park [SK173458], Ashbourne, 11mi/17.7km, Leader Tony 01335 342361

Wednesday 21st, 10:30am at Thorpe, Narlows Lane Car Park [SK163504], Thorpe, 6mi/9.7km, Leader Nancy 07891 219150

Wednesday 28th, 9:15am at Calver Slip road [SK238749], 10am at Ashopton Viaduct roadside [SK195864], Ashopton Viaduct, 11mi/17.7km, Leader Pam S 01629 55570

Wednesday 28th, 9:55am at West Heath Shopping Precinct [SJ843631], Please note the meeting and start times are usually displayed as the same but the actual start time will be later, depending on travel distance between the two points and any traffic delays. Please contact the walk leader for a better indication of the start time and the parking place they are using for the start of the walk. area, Marton East, 4mi/6.4km, Contact David McDean 01606 835388

Wednesday 28th, 10am at Timbersbrook car park picnic areaLat/Lng 53.1622,-2.15999 [SJ894628], Timbersbrook Circular, 5.3mi/8.5km, Contact Programme Coordinator

Wednesday 28th, 10am at Alrewas, Mill End Lane opposite canal [SK167151], Along River Trent to Yoxall - back via National Forest Way, 8mi/12.9km, Leader Howard 07866 656733

Wednesday 28th, 10am at [SK149666], Monyash, 11mi/17.7km, Leader Steve 01332 792689

Wednesday 28th, Wed Medium, 6.5mi/10.5km, Contact

Wednesday 28th, 10:30am at Holloway, Church Street [SK322569], Holloway, 6mi/9.7km, Leader Pete 07814 561590


Wednesday 7th, 9am at Rowsley Old Station car park. [SK258658], 10am at Opposite Co-op, New Mills [SK002852], New Mills, 11mi/17.7km, Leader Jackie / Pete 01629 732774

Wednesday 7th, Wed Short, 4.5mi/7.2km, Contact

Wednesday 7th, 10am at Moira Furnace overflow car park [SK314151], Hicks Lodge circular with cafe stop, 6mi/9.7km, Contact Mervyn 07415 139832

Wednesday 7th, 10am at Narlows CP [SK163504], Hansons Grange, Alsop le Dale, Tissington, Fenny Bentley., 10.5mi/16.9km, Contact Althea 07980 405806

Wednesday 7th, 10am at Moor Lane, Youlgreave [SK194644], Youlgreave, 11mi/17.7km, Leader Pam F 0115 9654884

Wednesday 7th, 10:30am at Birchover Opp. Stone Quarry [SK241625], Birchover, 6mi/9.7km, Leader David S 07952 546067

Wednesday 14th, 9:30am at Waterside Retail Car Park, Ashbourne [SK173458], Ashbourne, 11mi/17.7km, Leader Tony 01335 342361

Wednesday 14th, 10am at Wetton Car Park (by toilets) [SK109551], Wetton, Thor's Cave, Throwley Old Hall, 7.5mi/12.1km, Contact Howard 07866 656733

Wednesday 14th, 10am at Eyam Free Car Park [SK216767], Eyam, 11mi/17.7km, Leader Paul S 07943 699175

Wednesday 14th, 10:05am at Barlaston Village Green Car Park [SJ894384], 10:15am at Barlaston Village Green Car Park [SJ894384], Barlaston, 6mi/9.7km, Leader Susan & Stephen 01782 625189

Wednesday 14th, Wed Medium, 7mi/11.3km, Contact

Wednesday 14th, 10:30am at High Peak Junction Car Park (fee) [SK314560], High Peak Junction, 6mi/9.7km, Leader Geoff & Caro 01283 701219

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This report extracts any walks for the following groups from the national Walksfinder database:
CH01:East Cheshire, CH03:South Cheshire, DE04:Derbyshire Dales, MC50:Cheshire Walkers, NS01: East Staffordshire, NS02:Stone, NS03:Stoke/Newcastle, NS11:Leek, NS12:Biddulph, SS03:Market Drayton

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