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The purpose of this article is two-fold:

  1. to document the decisions that have been taken, and the configurations that have been implemented. This will act as a mnemonic for the current webmaster, and a training guide for any successors
  2. to allow any intersted parties to understand the way the web-site has been set up, and either use the same techniques themselves, or even provide alternative, more elegant solutions.


The underlying framework for the site is Joomla. The starting point for the construction of the site is that provided by The Ramblers, and in particular the skeleton site provided by the preferred hosting service as described on This uses as its base template one called Gantry, but also includes a number of specially built modules/plug-ins, e.g. RA Header and RA Footer.

We use Json Feeds to populate the walking programme. These feed off a master database of walks held and maintained on Various different feeds are provided to generate the various formats we provide.


The following Categories are used:

Name Use Description?
Home Provide filter for the Home page Y
Stop Press Short-term notices for front page  
Walks Articles used by the Walking programme  
Blog Articles for the general blog page about past walks and events Y (disclaimer)
Footpath work Articles decribing the path maintenance work we do Y (with a photo)
Forthcoming events Information about planned future events  
Internal Classify articles in general information  
Committee   Y
New article submission Default used when articles are sumitted from the front end  

Structure of Main Menu





Category blog (Home)

(this contains only a single article)

Static text (Welcome to our group ....)

Contains embedded code to format a Json feed

Blog Category blog (Blog) Static text (Disclaimer)
10 Articles, 1 column
Date Created, most recent first
Footpath work Category blog (Paths) Static text (with picture)
10 Articles, 2 columns
Date Created, most recent first

Forthcoming events

Category blog (Forthcoming Events)

No static text
2 columns
Published, Oldest first

Useful Contacts


   Request information

  Alias that links to Membership Secretary

   Subscribe to RSS

  Invitation to subscribe to one of our feeds

   Subscribe to mailing list

   Currently unpublished



      Week-ends away


      Coach Rambles


   Nearby groups

  Internal page with multiple links hardcoded for neighbouring Groups
   Contact Membership   Single contact
  Contact Secretary
  Single contact
  Contact Webmaster   Single contact





   Request a sign-on


   How to create an Article


   Submit new Article


   Make a suggestion


   Committee Members


   Backend module

External URL (Admin module)



Resizing photos   Article with tips and link to external site
Map library   Details of maps available on loan

   Document Library

Article with embedded module (Easy Folder Listing)

Article Document Library containing the extension Easy Folder Listing. Shows files present in www02/images/ /group/PDF
GWEM   Link to GWEM login
Our Sunday walks   Special filter to JSon feed, Sunday walks for our group



   National Ramblers Association


   Local group


   Local Committee

Category blog (Committee)

Static text

8 Articles, 2 columns

Date Created, most recent first

   Our website

   This document


Monday   This page contains hand-coded HTML to create the "buttons" with links to other similar pages. The main body is a JSon feed, filtered with a list of all groups contiguous to ours
Map of our walks    


  This sub-menu is for a series of page, in a format suitable for printing

   Printable List

  This shows walks for just our group

Printable Monday etc


A series of pages showing walks for many groups, for each day of the week, using the JSON feed RJsonwalksStdSimplelist
Table of walks   This uses RJsonwalksStdWalktable

Menu entries show in yellow  only appear when a member is logged in.

Note 1: Forthcoming events - should always have an "End publishing" date, set to the day after they took place (e.g. if they are to take place on the 1st of the month, stop publishing on the 2nd).  As they are sequenced by published date, oldest first, the "Start publishing" date should be set to 12 months before the "End publishing" date.  This way, they will always appear in the correct order, regardless of when they were created.


RA Header (positioned in top-a) uses Pantone7474 for the title (dark green), 0583 for the sub-title

RA Footer (positioned in copyright-a) uses background colour 0555

Walks Menu is a Custom module, containing several hard-coded links to Internal Articles. It seems that these internal articles must also appear on a Menu in order that liks to them can be created. N.B. if a module is edited, you must re-save the menu-item on which it appears (i.e. Home) before the change is triggered!

The page for displaying files uses the "Easy Folder Listing" extension, embedded into an article as a Custom module. Any files (e.f. PDF, DOC, XLS) that are uploaded into the folder /groups/PDF will automatically be made available.


Our Next walks – Custom module that formats a JsonFeed. Addition formatting is provided by ramod_outline0110 (to provide mustard border, could have used 0159, 0186, 0555, 0583, 1815, 4485, 5565 ot 7474)

Stop Press - Custom module that shows Articles in Category “Stop Press”, Ordering Direction is Ascending Publishing Date (i.e. articles with the earliest Start date will be show first). Addition formatting is provided by ramod_outline0186 (to provide red border)

Several other modules are used, mostly positioned in sidebar-b


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Monday, December 10, 2018