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Chair's Reports

23rd Oct 2018

Hello and welcome to each of you who has found the way to access this, my first blog. For those of you who may not already know, I was recently elected Chair of our group.

My intention is to produce the occasional blog to let people know of things that are exercising the committee’s collective mind and mention things that I hope will be of interest to many of you.

To this end, any constructive feedback would be most welcome.

I chaired my first committee meeting last week. We discussed many topics, some weightier than others.

By the end of the meeting it was clear that the most pressing items we as a group need to address are the perennial needs for more members and more walk leaders.

To help address the former, with encouragement and promised support from Ramblers HQ, we are looking for a member who is conversant with the workings of social media and who would be willing to use these media to try and attract (younger) members into the group.

I would also encourage more of you to take up the challenge of leading walks. From personal experience I can say it is very enjoyable, once the initial trepidation has been overcome. If you’re not sure how to go about it, there are many, experienced walk leaders in the group who can help in all aspects of walk leadership, from planning to execution.

Contact details for all committee members can be found elsewhere on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us if you wish to discuss these or any other matters that affect the group.

Our webmaster, Charlie, has embarked upon the modernisation of our website with a view to making it more user-friendly. Keep an eye on it and please provide feedback on any changes made or that you feel would benefit us as a group.

Best wishes and good walking to you all.


18 October 2018

Having been Chair for only a few weeks, there is not a huge amount for me to say, but here goes.

The AGM was held in the White Star pub in Stoke and all business was settled in well under an hour.

The weekend away in Ludlow was very successful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, despite the weather not being as kind as it could have been (though considerably better than forecast!).

Thanks once again to all those involved in the planning and to the walk leaders. A lot of time and effort was expended by many members to ensure the weekend went smoothly for all of us.

The next committee meeting is not until January, when I am sure there will be more to report – in the meantime watch out for my blogs, where I will raise issues as and when they need addressing and provide information about what’s happening in and around our group.

John Damarell

24 Oct 2017

a. Arrangements for the devolution of the management of Satffordshire County Council country parks are ongoing and the outcomes of this process seem positive: 
o The RSPB is expected to take over the management of Consall Country Park. 
o Staffordshire County Council is expected to retain management of Froghall Wharf. 
o Staffordshire Wildlife Trust are expected to take over the management of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council parks. 
b. There will be a public meeting scheduled at 10.00 on 7/11/17 to discuss the Moneystone Park planning application. The venue is the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council offices, Stockwell Street, Leek. Support would be welcomed as three footpaths will be affected by the outcome of this meeting.

Anthony Adair

Monday, December 10, 2018