Stoke Newcastle Ramblers

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Treasurer's reports

21 March 2018

  1. A budget for 2017-2018 has been prepared and submitted.
  2. The accounts for 2016-2016 have been balanced, audited and approved.
  3. The Annual Return has been completed and submitted to Staffordshire Area Ramblers. There has been no response to date.
  4. Assets current stand at £1060.85. There has been no further financial activity since the AGM.

If there are any bills to be paid, please forward the invoices to me.

John Hammond

18 October 2017

Payments had been received of £180 from the Walking Partnership and £20 from the Holiday Fellowship. He will investigate whether these should be considered as part of the group’s annual budget. A payment of £20 had also been received as the surplus from the group’s 2017 Xmas dinner. There had been some expenditure on tools for footpath renovations and the group currently held a balance of £680.

John Hammond

Monday, December 10, 2018