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1st secateurs partybAlan Bell leads a walking party of volunteers who carry out a range of tasks to improve and maintain local paths.  Over the years, this stalwart group have replaced some stiles with kissing gates and repaired other stiles.  They repaired bridges and installed new ones.  They have cut back undergrowth, put in steps up steep banks and done a lot behind the scenes to keep our footpaths open and accessible. And they enjoy it!

If you can join them, either on a regular or an occasional basis, please give Alan a ring, or contact him by email

15 Oct: Kingsley Holt K3

The Staffordshire County budget cuts are being felt hard by the rights of way team, and working party volunteers. Our footpath team & many others in the county have not done necessary work to keep paths open which benefit ramblers & dog walkers alike. In my opinion this is false economy and in the long run will damage our footpath infrastructure irrevocably.

More positively, on 15th October there was a complaint about a stile that was too dangerous to use and a group of us made our way to Kingsley Holt K43 where a stile was overgrown and damagedWe cut back a holly bush and fitted a complete stile with two steps. Two local dog walkers complimented us for doing this work, but it is a big shame that somebody had to report something as dangerous before anything is done about it!

Alan B





13 Aug: Whiston

We had to make our way to Sycamore Farm Whiston so we could reach a stile. This was made awkward because we had to drive through two fields and down an embankment to get there. We fitted a complete stile and two steps also repaired the barb wire fence. The problem was getting back up the slope and through the gate which Nigel from the council managed to do after a couple of attempts. At the top of the slope we fitted an extra step to make it easier to get over a stile. Making our way back through Whiston by a church we fitted an extra step to a stile which was to high to get over.

Alan B





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16 July: Around Froghall and Kingsley Holt

We made our way to Kingsley 46 close to Whiston Bridge and repaired two stiles that needed one step each and legs. then on Kingsley 1 we fitted a squeeze type stile because there was no space to fit a stile with steps.  
Alan B

18 June Kingsley 15-17

We are still working around Kingsley and we have repaired three stiles. The first stile was on Kingsley 16 on the Shaw Hall estate we fitted one step and two legs.This was slightly awkward due to remains of a gate which was used for access through the estate.(perhaps for workers at the hall)..The next stile 150 meters further at Kingsley 15. Here  we fitted one step and repaired the stile..Finally by the roadside on Kingsley 7 one step was saved and the rest of the stile was replaced.

Alan B





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4 June: Kingsley 13 and 14

We made our way to Kingsley 13 footpath where the stile was hard to find due overgrown vegetation and edges. We put a new stile in with two steps also incorporating a squeeze type fit. Two fields away on Kingsley 14 footpath we fitted a step with two legs.

Alan B



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21 April: Kingsley 21

We had permission of the farmer to cross is land to repair two stiles. The first stile was impossible to cross so we fitted two steps and secured the stile. The next stile by the side of the farmers house had three steps fitted.
Alan B

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26 Mar: Kingsley

180325 1aToday the working party made its way to Kingsley path 20. We had to negotiate a farm track before we arrived at our first stile where we fitted two steps. We carried the material 100 metres to the next stile. Whilst fitting a new stile the farmer decided to muck spread the next field. We decided to retreat when we were being showered with flying muck! As If that wasn`t enough. the council vehicle got stuck in mud.


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Stoke/Newcastle Footpath Team recognised by new markers

In recognition of the contribution made by the Stoke/Newecastle ramblers footpath team Staffordshire County Council have produced and funded bespoke discs for attachment to future renovations. Look out for them on you walks!

Ramblers Footpath Logo

Photograph from Alan B. 

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