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How to resize an image

As a member, you are welcome to add interesting photos to illustrate their blog entries, but should bear in mind there is a limit on the size of file that may be used.  This limit is 1 Megabyte (1MB), but many cameras, and some phones, can produce an image up 5 Megabytes (5MB) or more. It's best to make sure the photo is not too big before you start writing your blog.

Several on-site sites will resize your photos, the one we recommend can be found here (this will open in a new window).

  1. Select the file from your computer (or tablet) and upload it into the Browser
  2. Optionally you can crop unwanted bits by dragging the handle of the frame
  3. Whether or not you crop it, when you click on the orange button that says DO IT, it will greatly reduce the size of the file, as you will see from the top line of the display
  4. SAVE the file back to your computer.  Now please give the file a meaningful name, and include the date so we can later tell how old it is.  For example, you could give it a name like 161002 Lattrigg (year month day Where)
  5. Save the file, and then upload it as part of your blog.  It will be positioned at the current cursor position.

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Cotswold Outdoor

As a Ramblers' Member, there is now a 15% discount available at Cotswold Outdoor. They have a stores at the Wyevale Garden Centre (Bridgemere), Bakewell and Manchester.

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And a 20% for your first purchase with the voucher which comes in the membership pack.

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