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9th Sep: Eyam

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Plagued by ants,hidden waterfalls,& Brian Lewis.

Brian Lewis gave us a brief description of the awfull loss of life when the village of Eyam was hit by the bubonic plague in 1665, then 11 of us set off to Abney Moor via Sir William Hill & Stoke Ford to our lunch stop at the Barrel Inn after a strenuous morning.

On route Brian was persuaded to lie down close to a giant ant nest to give us a David Attenborough dialogue. It was not long before giant ants were running up his arm, and our ever-willing leader fled the scene being bit on his back. Jan came to the rescue with an after-bite stick on his back, some Attenborough!

The Barrel Inn was full of diners with no room inside so we left after a quick drink and all descended to Great Hucklow and called in the Queen Ann, far better ale and much cheaper too.

Making our way back to Eyam via Foolow enjoying one for the road in the Bulls Head.  Great day out Brian full of laughs all day, thanks


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Monday, December 10, 2018